Inspiron 1545 Recovery

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 running Vista x86 that i would like to do a full "Factory Restore" on - However i seem to have misplaced my disk.

So reading though many forums they suggested to, cold start computer, pressing Right CTRL key and pressing F11 at the same time and the recovery process will start. Or using the F8 on system boot for the avdanced boot options and selecting the recovery/repair option.. i dont seem to have, only the statndard Microsoft options (Safe Mode, Safe mode with network, safe mode with command, last known etc etc) I am able to see the recovery partition on the D:\ and tried to run the PCrestore.exe that is located in the D:\tool\pcrestore.exe however that seems to crash out part way though the recovery.


So my main question is - is there anywhere on the Dell website to download the recovery disk? or does anyone else know how to recover the laptop to default settings without the disk?

I have tried the following :-

F8 (advanced system boot) looking for the repair/recover option that doesn't exist

Hold the right CTRL + F11 on system boot

Hold the left CTRL + F11 on system boot

Booted into safe mode and run the D:\Tools\pcrestore.exe





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Re: Inspiron 1545 Recovery

The key sequence for Vista is F8 before Windows loads.  If you don't have the recovery option, you'll need to do a manual installation -- no, you can't download anything.  In the US, to order the discs, see


Outside the US, call your local Dell office.

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