Inspiron 1545 Won't Restore to Factory Image

Me laptop has been freezing up lately and I got my files saved to an external. I try to bring it back to factory settings but it won't let me. I follow all the steps necessary, but when it should start the restore an error comes up saying "Parameter incorrect". Then when I press ok, there's just the background image and I can't do anything else until I manually shut down and restart. I even tried using the recovery disk I made when I first got it, and that doesn't work either. I could really use some help before I ship it back to Dell to have them fix it.

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Re: Inspiron 1545 Won't Restore to Factory Image

You could do a manual install, I have wrote a guide on how to do so below (guide is long but it writes in depth about simple things, so isn't as scary as it looks). Before attempting to do so power down the system and hold F12 at the Dell BIOs screen, run the diagnostics and any extended test to see that it isn't a fault with the hard drive.

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