Inspiron 1545 fails to boot Windows 7


I've got a new Inspiron 1545 which fails to boot. On startup I get the Dell screen, progress bad completes across the bottom, and then get a black screen with a flashing cursor at the top left.

I've removed and reseated the hard drive, and run the diagnostics from the menus - no errors are given.

This is the first startup of the machine, so I haven't had chance to make any restore CDs. To add to my conundrum, I'm travelling through Vietnam - not sure if there's any Dell support here.

Any ideas appreciated.


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Re: Inspiron 1545 fails to boot Windows 7

I know this is an old post, but I'm replying in case anyone else sees this.

The diags built into the system (hit F2 I believe) won't detect anything about this.

The comprehensive diags you need are

Diagnostic Utilities   
Dell 32 Bit Diagnostics (Graphical User Interface version), v.A1358A2/A0478, A1358A2
Dell 32-bit Diagnostics v1358 with MpMemory v0478 and MpNuma v1071

It's available at


FYI on the diags for anyone else seeing this on other models, the diags work for the following

Systems Operating systems
Inspiron Desktop One19
Inspiron 2500
Inspiron Desktop 300(Zino)
Inspiron DeskTop 400(Zino HD)
Inspiron 1410
Inspiron 1427
Inspiron 1428
Inspiron 1440
Inspiron 1470
Inspiron 1545
Inspiron 1570
Inspiron 1750
Latitude E5400
Latitude E5500
OptiPlex 760
OptiPlex 780
OptiPlex 960
OptiPlex 740
OptiPlex 755
OptiPlex XE
Vostro Desktop 320
Vostro Notebook 1220
Vostro Notebook 1320
Vostro Notebook 1520
Vostro Notebook 1720
Vostro Notebook A840
Vostro Notebook A860

Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit
Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit
Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit
Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows XP x64



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Re: Inspiron 1545 fails to boot Windows 7

One more thing, there was a BIOS update released 11/23/2009.

BIOS Updates  
Dell Inspiron 1545 Intel BIOS, A13
1545A13.EXE    Non-Packaged    1 MB
Verify Operating System and Product Compatibility 11/23/2009

Available at







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Re: Inspiron 1545 fails to boot Windows 7



Dell does have support in Vietnam


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Re: Inspiron 1545 fails to boot Windows 7

I can't find this particular update; I found A12 and A14 but the A13 is missing. 

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Re: Inspiron 1545 fails to boot Windows 7

I tried to download this file but something's not quite right--it said it was a 3mb file but it only downloaded something like 9kb.  I then popped the flash drive containing the file into the Inspiron 1545 but I still received an error message along with the flashing cursor that the OS could not be found. 


Other suggestions?  OS is Vista.

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Lori McRee

Re: Inspiron 1545 fails to boot Windows 7

Did you ever get an answer? I have the Vostro 1440 notebook and am experiencing same thing.

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