Inspiron 17R SE 7720 - Raid 1

I have a 17R SE 7720 with two 1 TB hdds and i am trying to mirror the disks as a raid 1 using iRST. iRST is selected in the BIOS and even caching with an msata SSD (shown as Raid 0) works fine. Anyway, the iRST tool does not offer to create a new volume. Any Ideas why?

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Re: Inspiron 17R SE 7720 - Raid 1

to the best of my knowledge the 7720 only has 1 sata III (6gb/s) port  on the motherboard thus making raid virtually impossible  employing sata III ( 6gb/s)  however the motherboard does have multiple sata II  (3gb/s) ports  that could be used for raid  both drives should be running at same speed  for raid  hope this helps  good luck

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