Inspiron 6400 start up problem

My lap top has been running very slow recently. Anyway now it will only boot up in safe mode. In normal mode it just goes to a black screen and no further.
Any idea how I can fix this? I have tried restore to earlier point.
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Re: Inspiron 6400 start up problem

Start with a run of the extended Dell diagnostics on the hard drive - F12 at boot to get into the diagnostic routine.
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Boyd B

Re: Inspiron 6400 start up problem

It appears that you may have a driver conflict sicnce it does not load all the drivers in Safe Mode. When booting normally, all the drivers are loaded, hince the driver conflict. Very hard to determine which driver may be the culprit. Ths Diagnostic suggestion should be your first attempt to identifiy the problem. If all else fails, and since you can get into Safe Mode, you might backup your important files and data and do a fresh factory install as a last resort. At least you would have a chance at getting your system back. Hope this helps.
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