Inspiron 8500 Boots Up Green Screen & Windows XP Resolution Is Acting Up...

Just wanted to post on the foru something intersting happening today.  Used the laptop yesterday and when trying to boot up the laptop, the main BIOS screen, which is usually black, was bright green. You can see everything else, but instead of being black it was GREEN. 

I had a bad run in with my ex-girfirend which broke in, and did some damage so i though it ws her doing.

After checking out google, i found some intresting rticles on Acer laptops doing the same.

I pulled the battery out, unplugged the laptop so it was totally off.  Then I pulled the memroy chips out of the laptop, because other cases for Acer's stated it was a loose connection.

After doing this, i boot it up.  No luck, Smiley Madstill lime green.  Now I'm getting mad.

So I boot-up to Microsoft Windows XP, and the video drivers states its loaded p right, but their all running bad - nice description huh!.

So i updated the flash bios from  A05 to A06, and STILL NOTHING.

Now im furrious  Was on the phone 2 times trying to get touch will dell support and when i was trying to get connected, it hung up.  GRRRR

Finally, all i did was close the top-case which doesn't send my laptop in sleep mode, just turns off the monitor.  Came back 15 minutes, open the laptop, and its fixed. Smiley Surprised. HURRAY!

So in the end, i don't know if it was one of the thing i did, but something worked.

So try re-connecting the memory chips, upgrade the bios, and hope it works.

Take Care

Paul A. Mozolewski
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Re: Inspiron 8500 Boots Up Green Screen & Windows XP Resolution Is Acting Up...

Your symptoms may be describing an underlying problem which you're only temporarily "fixing". The inverter of your LCD may be overheating, which may ultimately fail and utterly cause no end of pain and misery. This is just what I'm thinking from seeing you state leaving it alone for 15 minutes causes semi-functionality. That's because it's started from a relatively cold state, this behavior exhibits itself to a lot of LCD's. If warranty is running out, dont' hesitate to send back and make sure they replace the $500+ LCD panel that Dell Spare Parts would otherwise wish you to pay for out of warranty.

Speaking from experience, with a useless half-laptop of a 500m. The fix in this case was to buy a frigging D600 with 3 years of warranty, and an extra year from my credit card to boot.
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