Inspiron 8600 Does Not Boot Up

Hello everybody;

I've re-installed my computer (Inspiron 8600) this night using Windows XP CD. After Windows installation, i also re-installed all drivers (sound, intel chipset, video, etc).
And Windows rebooted up. After Windows reboots my computer doesn't wake up.
I just slowly shutdown by pressing the button, and waited some seconds.
I have relaunched startup, but there's no display. I hear the hard-disk reading, and cd/rom reading sequence, but there is no display.
Firstly i thought that it was my display (LCD) gone away, so i tried to connect it up into my other computer display with VGA cable, and tried to restart. No success.
I have read that i can reset the laptop so i removed the battery and power cable, and pushed to start button for 15 seconds. No success.
Please Help.

Thanks in advance.
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