Inspiron 9300: No Display

I got an Inspiron 9300....Everytime i log on to Windows (Normal Mode) the whole screen will be filled with multiple colored stripes....kinda looks like a static....it's been going on since Oct 2006 and can't find a way to fix it. I tried restoring the system from the date it started happening.
But this doesnt happen on Safe Mode...the screen and quality is fine.
I scanned my notebook for errors and it gave me a couple
5300, 0F00:0244, 0F00:1A44....there are actually more numbers to that but these are the main ones.
SO CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS PROBLEM. and my laptop's warranty's expired.
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Re: Inspiron 9300: No Display

You can go here:
and download the display driver for your system under video adapter. I would do this and follow the directions exactly. Make sure you have net frameworks 1.1 or better and if not you can d/l that from Microsoft. Get directx 9.0c from there also if that isn't installed. You would need to uninstall your present display driver before installing this driver. Also install net frame 1.1 and directx 9.0c first. Might help you correct this.

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Re: Inspiron 9300: No Display

If the errors you post are from the hard drive test, you have a faulty drive at least.
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