Integrated Video Card of DELL Inspiron mini 1012

Pls help me guys....

I have my Dell mini inspiron 1012 and I cannot adjust it's screen resolution.. i think i have a problem on it's video card.. i already downloaded drivers for it but still it doesnt work... my desktop icons are very large that annoys me.. it has a 1024x600 (recommended) screen resolution and i want that my desktop icons become smaller... how can i adjust it..??? any solution or recommendation about this matter??

thanks guys... hope to receive solutions soon... 

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Re: Integrated Video Card of DELL Inspiron mini 1012

The netbook laptops - all brands not just Dell - have very limited resolution capabilities.  I had a Samsung Netbook and could not change the resolution.  There are some rogue tweaks around the internet and on YouTube showing how to change the resolution on some Netbook video systems.  I was never able to get mine to change resolution.  

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RE: Integrated Video Card of DELL Inspiron mini 1012

Here is instructions to change your screen resolution. Press the Windows Logo + r. A run dialog will appear. Type in "regedit" without the quotation marks ("). Another dialog will appear asking for permission to run regedit, click Yes. Click on the "edit" menu, now click on "Find..." you can also use the keyboard shortcut ctrl + f to get to the menu. Now type in "Display1_DownScalingSupported" without the quotation marks. Make sure only the boxes "Keys" "Values" "Data" is check marked. Click "Find Next." Once it finds the registry key it will automatically have the key highlighted. Right-click the highlighted key and click "Modify." In the "Value Data" box, enter 1. Make sure the Base is selected as "Hexadecimal". Click OK. Close out all your programs and restart your computer. Then go to the page to adjust the screen resolution.

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