Intel Wifi link 5300 upgrade for Inspiron 1720

I'm thinkig of upgrading the Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG mini-pci card in my Inspiron 1720 with the Intel Wifi link 5300. I need to know if the upgrade will work on this specific model notebook. I know the Intel Wireless WIFI link 4965AGN mini-pci card will work and is supported by dell.

If anybody has done this upgrade in their dell inspiron 1720 please let me know your results and how is it working for you.  I looking for better range. Also there is a 3rd antenna terminal on theIntel Wifi link 5300, does this terminal get connected and if so what antenna lead is connected to it. There are 3 pairs of antenna lead, the black and white are connected to the WLAN card, that leaves a blue, grey/white, grey and grey/black antenna lead. What are these leads connected to? Your promp reply will be appreciated.

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Re: Intel Wifi link 5300 upgrade for Inspiron 1720

I didn't see a reply here and this post was a while ago...  Yes, I am running very well using the Intel WiFi Link 5300 in my Inspiron 1720.  There is an actual 3 antenna leads for it too.

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