Internet speed below 400 Kbps on my Dell 1545 when using WIFI

I noticed another user posted this same question in late 2009, but the solution doesn't work on my system, hopefully someone can help before I chuck this laptop out and go back to my dinosaur Inspiron I8200 which has almost 10x the speed on the same wifi connection.

My old laptop also uses WIFI and is alot faster, forgive me I'm not really a tech guy. If I go to view status on either computer they both say speed is 11mbps for connection speed but the CNET bandwith test is drastically different (as well as the experience online for downloading or streaming video).  My old laptop with an external Blitz card can do 900 kbps while my newer 1545 can only average around 350 kbps.  Forget anything online with that speed.  It's super fast on the old I8200 (circa 2001) but on my 1545 laptop downloads take forever, as well streaming video on many sites. It's not my connection because as I said earlier the speed is the same for both computers.

Also If I use any wi-fi anywhere I travel it's the same, websites load up quick enough but streaming video and downloading is a crawl.

I've got the Dell Wireless 1397 minicard on the system.  I've tried using a wired connection to my router and yes the speed skyrocketed to about 1M Kbps. But I've tried several channels for the wireless and nothing seems to improve.  There are a bunch of advanced options such as Afterburner that I'm not familiar enough wih to mess with but this current design is driving me nuts.




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