Keyboard - Blue fn Keys

Where can I find out what the blue fn keys do.   There is nothing in the user manual that explains the keyboard.  I have a Studio 17.  This is the first laptop I have owned so I am not very familiar with the keyboard layout and some simple instructions would help.

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Re: Keyboard - Blue fn Keys

Well I personally don't own a Studio 17 but if it is anything like previous laptops I've had (or my current one) then the blue Fn key should function as a sort of alternate key activator (like a modified shift key essentially)  Instead of capitalizing letters or making symbols however, the Fn key usually allow you to access alternate functions for different assigned keys. If you look at your keyboard you should see similarlly blue looking symbols or functions on other keys.  Well, if you press and hold your Fn key, and then press a corrosponding key with another blu-ish symbol, you will be using that alternate function for the key.

Also, on bootup if you hold the Fn key I do believe it will bring you to a sort of Dell boot-up help screen, which allows you to use some troubleshooting programs and scanners that help if your hardware isn't working right.

Hope that helped you out some.

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Re: Keyboard - Blue fn Keys



Here's what I found for the Fn Functions. If you have a backlit keyboard, the keys are NOT Blue. I have a Studio 1737 with a backlit keyboard. I don't think there are any simple iinstructions but you'll get used to the funtions the more you use it.






General Keyboard Shortcuts


Opens the Task Manager window.


Displays icons representing all currently available display options (display only, external monitor or projector only, both display and projector, and so on). Highlight the desired icon to switch the display to that option.

<Fn> and up-arrow key

Increases brightness on an integrated display.

<Fn> and down-arrow key

Decreases brightness on the integrated display only (not on an external monitor).


Activates a power management mode. You can reprogram this keyboard shortcut to activate a different power management mode using the Advanced tab in the Power Options Properties window.


Renames the selected item.


Searches for a file or folder.


Displays the Address bar list in Windows Explorer.


Refreshes the active window.


Cycles through screen elements in a window or on the desktop.


Activates the menu bar in the active program.


Copies a selected item.


Cuts a selected item.


Pastes a selected item.


Undoes an action.


Selects all items in a document or window.


Closes the active window (in programs that allow you to have multiple documents open simultaneously).


Uses the arrow keys to switch between open items.


Switches between open items.


Cycles through items in the order in which they were opened.


Deletes a selected item and move it to the Recycle Bin.


Deletes the selected item without moving it to the Recycle Bin first.

<Ctrl> and right-arrow key

Moves the cursor to the beginning of the next word.

<Ctrl> and left-arrow key

Moves the cursor to the beginning of the previous word.

<Ctrl> and down-arrow key

Moves the cursor to the beginning of the next paragraph.

<Ctrl> and up-arrow key

Moves the cursor to the beginning of the previous paragraph.

<Ctrl><Shift> with an arrow key

Selects a block of text.

<Shift> with any arrow key

Selects more than one item in a window or on the desktop, or select text within a document.

Windows logo key and <m>

Minimizes all open windows.

Windows logo key and <Shift><m>

Restores all minimized windows. This key combination functions as a toggle to restore minimized windows following the use of the Windows logo key and <m> combination.

Windows logo key and <e>

Starts Windows Explorer.

Windows logo key and <r>

Opens the Run dialog box.

Windows logo key and <f>

Opens the Search Results dialog box.

Windows logo key and <Ctrl><f>

Opens the Search Results-Computer dialog box (if the computer is connected to a network).

Windows logo key and <Pause>

Opens the System Properties dialog box.


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Re: Keyboard - Blue fn Keys

OK, I have the same problem, but I have a Vostro 1320; some of the commands line up, others don't. So, to simplify:

What does the key with the little picture of the moon do?

How about the picture of the battery?

These have to be documented somewhere - where is it?

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Re: Keyboard - Blue fn Keys

I have vostro 1320. I need the user manual for the Fn keys on the keyboard. they havent provided any manual with the system. thats lame.

I do know the functions of moon and battery though.

Fn+F1(moon) is for sleep mode

Fn+F2(battery) is to check the battery strength left(it is only available if you install dell quickset application from the drivers CD)

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