Keyboard Issues L key types gibberish- Please respond!!!

I have posted before and am hoping someone will respons this time. I was hoping at least someone from Dell would since it appears that others on the forum are having the same problem.  

I have been having an ongoing problem with my Inspiron 8600. When using the laptop keyboard I have a sporatic problem with the l. Occasionally it works for typing and L, but often I get garbled text. Below is a test I ran using Notepad (the problem shows up when using any application):

I also tested the other keys that would be part of the keypad if using the FN key, and no problem with them. Again I did this test in Notepad. The one strange thing I did find is if I hold down the L key, it appears to work fine. It is when I tap the key as if I would when normally typing, and the problem arrises.

I ran a Diagnostics test and the keyboard checked out fine.
I flased the BIOS
Update chipset software
removed the keyboard and used compressed air to clear out any dust.
I am still having the same problem. Help!!! Do I need to replace the keyboard

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Re: Keyboard Issues L key types gibberish- Please respond!!!


Apparently there may exist a problem with "L" key on Dell Inspiron keyboards. I have an almost new 6000 that had "L" key problems, mainly just not typing at all. You can scroll down and read my posts, including the awesome customer support by Dell. In short, I emailed Dell and had a new keyboard in my hands in almost 24 hrs via Airborne Express (DHL)!!! Hope this helps!

God Bless

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Re: Keyboard Issues L key types gibberish- Please respond!!!

I ha5ve the similar problems with many keys.

6m 5v -\    =,

also some keys are not working such as letter after 'w' I cannot type !

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