Keyboard wont work

Can someone help me, suddenly my keyborad wont work anymore????
I was typing in a word document and it just stop to work, if i hook up a external keyboard everything works like a dream.

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RE: Keyboard wont work

I would recommend running diagnostics on that system to verify the functionality of that hardware. To run the diagnostics, boot the system with the Dell Diagnostics diskette in the floppy drive, select Run Specific Test, and run the keyboard test by highlighting that test and pressing Enter twice. If the test fails, the hardware may be nonfunctional and need to be replaced or repaired.

NOTE: If you have the diagnostic CD instead of diskette(s), go into the system BIOS and set the boot order to CD-ROM first. Then boot with the diagnostic CD in the CD-ROM drive.

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Re: RE: Keyboard wont work

i had my motherboard replaced last week because my keyboard suddenly stopped working. dell determined that the problem was the motherboard. my system is only a few months old. right now i am once again using the onscreen keyboard. my keyboard is not working again. is it the motherboard again? one week later. i went through the same troubleshooting steps that dell support took me through last week when this same problem occured. so here we go again. i know this system does not work correctly. how do i make someone undertand this? this will be my third attempt (call) to dell in regards to the same issues. very slow startup, to many program errors that program is not responding, and a keyboard that will not type anything after replacing the motherboard and the keyboard. i keep my system clean of spyware and addware. i have a good virus program, and i keep my pc updated. i am becoming very frustrated. the tech that came to my home also commented that this pc runs extremely slow. i pay high dsl fees, and feel as if i am dial up, and i have abrand new dell dimension pc. i have had 2 other pc's previous that ran much better then my new dell. please help.
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