LCD screen flashes then fades to black

I've experienced a problem with the LCD screen on my Inspiron 4100, but it happens infrequently (maybe 10 times in the past couple of months with almost daily usage).

I've seen many postings with similar but not exactly the same symptoms, so I'd like to explain my problem and maybe someone can help me out.

I've got the power settings such that my laptop goes to sleep whenever I close the lid, and it wakes up whenever I open it. Normally when I open the lid to wake up the laptop, The screen turns on and I immediately see my desktop, then after a few seconds the screen flashes black, the desktop reappears and then after a few seconds the laptop is responsive -- ie woken up.

Infrequently, when I open the lid, I immediately see my desktop, then after a few seconds the screen flashes bright (not quite white, but a light grey). Then the screen gradually fades to complete black.  But the fading is uneven, the brightness fades from center of the screen outward to the perimeter.  Occasionally there are bright thin vertical lines that appear with the flash that also fade away.  From flash to complete black is less than 5 seconds. 

Repeated ctl-alt-del doesn't do anything. I can recover by forcing a power down by holding the power button.   Then upon the next power up, things are normal again.

This problem has never happened upon a fresh reboot, only after waking up by lifting the lid.

Can anyone out there help?





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