Laptop Com Port?

I have an external device that wants to connect with the software via a Com Port.  On the back of the laptop there isn't a com port (9 or 25 pin connector), yet the internal modem uses a com port, right?  I would think there is an easy way to get to a com port, but I can't find any references to it in the documentation.


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Re: Laptop Com Port?

It's very hard to try and help you connect to the COM port when we do not even know what computer you have.  Would you care to share that information with us?



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Re: Laptop Com Port?

Com ports are virtual ports... that's why your internal modem is using a Com port and is not connected to a SERIAL! port... you  must be looking for a Serial port (9pin or 25pin) that uses Com addressing.

if you have USB, you can get a USB to Serial adapter.

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Re: Laptop Com Port?

I have an Inspirion 1100 which does not have a standard DB9 com port. I have tried using the USB to Srial adapter cable and it works in most instances. However if your software is looking for the "hard" (2F8 or 3F8) address of the com port to verify it exists your adapter will not work. I am looking at getting a PCMCIA com port card but so far have not found any compatable with my laptop.
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