Laptop Inspiron N5110 does not boot. All 3 LEDs blink

My laptop Inspiron N5110 does not boot up. No video power button and the three LEDs on the right blink. Where can I find error codes for blinking LEDs? Thanks
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Re: Laptop Inspiron N5110 does not boot. All 3 LEDs blink

Hi sandrabr,

As far as error codes are concerned, the newer laptops have beep codes instead of blinking LED's. So this laptop model Inspiron N5110 has beep codes to indicate a No Post failure. You can try the following steps and check if the computer starts working properly:

1. Unplug the Battery and the Ac Adapter / Charger from the notebook
2. Remove any other peripherals connected.
3. Press and hold the Power button down for 30 seconds
4. Plug the battery and the Dell AC Adapter / Charger back in.

Now without connecting any peripherals power on the computer and then see if it boots into windows. If it boots then probably this issue might have occurred due to the static electricity stored inside the computer and performing the above mentioned steps removes it. This is common with electronics and there is nothing to worry about it.

In case if it still does not power up then let me know of there are any beep codes or what is the color of the light on the power button and does it blink in a particular sequence or not.

Hope this helps. Awaiting for your reply

Thanks & Regards,
Jyotpal F
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Re: Laptop Inspiron N5110 does not boot. All 3 LEDs blink

i have also same problem

Model: Dell n5110 Processor: Intel Core i7 2630QM/Graphics Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M

last story of my laptop, yesterday at night 7:30 pm i do my 3D Max presentation which animation rendering, after 4 hours i shut down my laptop and unplug to the charger, when i wake up  at  5:30 AM, i turn on my laptop i'd notice the switch indicator lights LED steady and the right side 3 LED button lights blinking randomly, i tried to removed battery and charger for 1 day and after switch again, but its the same problem, there is no beep, no cooling  fan, no hard disk revolution, no USB power isolation flowing.

As i have read more instruction in the manuals inside in the box, but there none of the above in the troubleshooting. in this case i decided to open my laptop to Reset the BIOS i remove the BIOS battery and short reset to 30 minutes but there is no luck, 

My question is:

1. What is the main problem of related trouble

2. If there is electric static charge inside the Laptop, how to discharge properly w/o opening of the hardware parts.

3. What is the common parts should be replace. 

4. Where is the DELL costumer Service  hotline in the Philippine & where is the authorize DELL computer Service Center

please tell me if there is a change to repair or order the parts should i replace?

Thank for the help

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Re: Laptop Inspiron N5110 does not boot. All 3 LEDs blink

Hi MikeyGeil,

I would like to know what are the LED indications you see on the system in below picture.


Also, I would like you to perform the following the steps again mentioned below and check if the LED’s are still blinking.

  1. Switch off the computer.
  2. Disconnect the AC adapter from the system.
  3. Remove the battery from the computer.
  4. Press and hold down the power button for 15 seconds.
  5. Then connect back all the peripherals and check if you are able to turn on the system.

Once we determine the cause of the issue, we will be able to determine the faulty parts to replace. You can contact Philippines support at 1800 1601 0062.

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RE: Laptop Inspiron N5110 does not boot. All 3 LEDs blink

thank you very much for your advice sir but still the same problem...

i bring my laptop to the computer repair shop at sa SM CITY Mall of ASIA at the Philippines, they said my laptop is automatic power on if you put the battery or charger, they diagnosis the mother board, and also all parts of the laptop, the technician told me the main problem is the video chip (NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M) that is built in on the motherboard,

the technician told me to replace the motherboard but is not advisable because the laptop is unrepairable and the motherboard is not available in the Philippines :'( , i take my laptop again and i decided to keep it if ever there is a chance to buy a new mother board in the other country or Dell factory, please help me if there a chance 

thanks you Dell and advance 

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