Laptop Unable to boot

I own an Inspiron N4010 14R dell laptop. When I restarted my laptop yesterday, i couldn't boot into windows and windows logo was rotating forever. So I thought OS was curropted and tried to reinstall OS. But it also didn't work. I couldn't able to install OS. But I could able to delete a partition and refresh it.

Then I ran a diagnosis on my computer and it showed an error code 2000-0146. (saying HDD needs to be replaced)

I called Dell support center and asked them about the issue. They said my hdd nedds to be replaced. So I bought a new 2.5" SATA seagate hard drive and installed it in the system.

But even after that, the same problem exists. But this time Diagnostic doesn't show any error. My warranty period is void. SO tell me a solution. I am a final year computer science engineering student. So badly need help immediately.

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Re: Laptop Unable to boot

Hi me_ravee1618,

Error 2000-0146 indicates the test detected some of the previous errors of system hard drive. For more decisive results, I recommend you to run a 'Custom Test' on the laptop's 'Hard Drive'. 'Custom Test' is an advanced diagnostic test and is capable of producing more reliable results. Follow the steps listed below to launch the hard drive custom test:

  • Power off the laptop (Ensure that AC Adapter cable is plugged in)
  • Power on the laptop and repeatedly tap <F12> key
  • Select option 'Diagnostics'

Here are some screen shots demonstrating the progress of the PSA+ Diagnostics: 



Tap <Y> if color bars appear (Refer to the image above)

If 2000:0146 error appears, please ignore the message and go ahead with the testing

Tap <No> to launch 32 bit Diagnostics (Following screen appears):


From the factory the system's 'hard drive' will include a hidden partition with 32 bit Dell Diagnostics. After the completion of basic diagnostic process, you will be asked to continue to this Diagnostics program. If for some reason the hidden partition is not found on the hard drive, you will be presented with the option to insert the Resource DVD. Following screen appears in that case:


If required, use the Resource CD and follow the steps given below:

  • Insert Recovery CD
  • Shut down and restart the desktop
  • When Dell logo appears, immediately tap <F12> repeatedly

Note: If you wait too long and the operating system logo appears, continue to wait until you see the Microsoft Windows desktop; then shut down your computer and try again.

  • When the boot device list appears, highlight the option CD/DVD/CD-RW and press <Enter>
  • Boot from CD-ROM from the menu that appears and press <Enter>
  • This message appears ‘Press any key to boot from the CD’
  • Promptly hit <Enter>
  • Note: If you wait too long and Dell Diagnostic screen does not appear, then, shut down your computer and repeat all steps.

(Following screen appears): 

  • Press <Enter> 
  • When the Dell Diagnostics main menu appears, select the test you want to run
  • Select Custom Test (Refer to image below)

  • Click <+> sign besides 'Hard Drive' (Refer to image below)
  • Highlight 'SATA Disk'
  • Place a tick mark in 'Non-Interactive Tests Only'
  • Click 'Run Test'

  • For any problem encountered during a test, a message appears with an error code and a description of the problem
  • Write down the error code and problem description exactly as it appears 

If you do not have the resource DVD, you can download the 'CW1374A0.exe' and save the Dell diagnostics from link:http://dell.to/WcNYmj . You may install the 'Diagnostics' on an 'External Media' (USB drive). Refer to the following 'image':

help drivers out-of-date high "interrupts" cpu (where to find)-diags.jpg

Once the 'utility' is installed, you may boot the system with the 'USB flash drive' to initiate 'Diagnostics'. To boot from the 'USB drive', plug the 'media' in a 'USB port' > Power off the system > Power it back on > At Dell splash screen, repeatedly tap 'F12 key' > Boot from 'USB' > Tap 'Enter' 

Please share the findings. 

Thanks and regards,
DELL-Chinmay S
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