Laptop charger won't charger

I'm not sure if this is in the correct form, but I do require some help.  My charger has stoped working with my computer.  Every time I plug it in I get a pop up message about how the charger isn't recognized, however it worked before, and it's the same one that Dell sent with the computer.  So my charger no longer charges my laptop, it only powers it when it is pluged in to the wall.  I went to BestBuy to try and get a replacement, but they informed me that the Dell chargers there do the same thing, they don't CHARGE the laptop.  

Is there anyway I can just get a replacement?  Can anyone explain to me why the charger has stoped working? 

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Re: Laptop charger won't charger

My daughter's laptop [Inspiron 1545-4211] did the same thing.  It displayed on the battery icon something like "plugged in, not charging".  Battery showing 3%.  It would not recognize the charger even though it was plugged in.  Search on web showed many people with the same problem.  Ran diagnostics [F5] and it gave the following error message.  "Error Code 3600:0749  Msg AC ADAPTER - Invalid Adapter detected."

I checked the battery drivers both "Microsoft AC Adapter" & "Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery" and both were the latest versions as of today.

Got it working by shutting down and removing the battery.  With the battery removed press and  hold down the ON button for 10+secs - this will discharge any residual charge on the motherboard.  Replace battery and all was well.  This suggests to me that the problem is in the drivers. There may well be a hardware problem, but the drivers should be able to cope.

So when do we get some new driver?  I don't care whether the drivers are from Microsoft [it is running Vista] or Dell. If it happen once it will happen again and when my daughter is back at college I'm the one to get the phone call to try to fix it!


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Re: Laptop charger won't charger

I purchased my Dell Inspiron  1525 about 18 month ago.  I noticed about  4 months ago, I was not getting any charge on my battery when plugged in.  When I rolled the mouse over the battery icon, it said "Battery Plugged in, not charging".  After trouble shooting many of the ideas on Dell Community with no luck, I tried different plugs, taking the battery out and slamming it home, even wiping the contacts with an eraser. I decided to purchase a new battery from E-bay.  I swapped the battery with the new one and still had the same problem.  I was resigned to not being able to leave my notebook unplugged.
One day while i was on the computer, my wife tripped over the cord.  All of a sudden, my battery icon came to life saying  "Plugged in, charging".  So now whenever my battery get low without charging, I just give a "good yank" on the cord and the battery starts charging up again.
I was wondering if anyone else noticed this happening.  If you can not get your notebook battery to charge, try this and let me know if you have any success.

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Re: Laptop charger won't charger

Dell designed the Smart Battery System into their laptops.

If either battery or AC adapter is not recognized, battery is not charged.

Go into BIOS and check if either is listed as unknown.

If so, take battery and AC adapter to a similar laptop and test it there.

If that works, take the other battery & AC adapter and test it in yours. What happens?

Alternatively, test the AC jack by removing battery, plug in AC adapter, boot laptop and slowly wiggle / turn the plug in the jack.

If the laptop suddenly shuts down, the jack is loose from the MOBO. That's a MOBO soldering job.

If nothing, most likely the MOBO charge circuitry is fried.

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