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Dell Latitude 2100 computer system seem a junk piece of hardware for the laptop series. Added with no good technical support, slow email support and unattentive customer service, making the system not worth to buy. At over a thousand and eight hundred ringgit for the normal one year warranty, you actually are buying a scrap from dell. Take my example, from the first day I received my latitude 2100 laptop I never actually got the time to enjoy the system. Why? The operating system installation does not go smoothly. So, I have to use the operating system reinstallation software provided to reinstall the operating system with the recommended upgrade option. As usual, the windows setup install the operating system, reboot and continue installing until the finalizing stage of the installation when the system suddenly freeze for hours. In another word, it never actually make a complete reinstallation. What is all about with such freezes, abnormal behaviour, blah blah... Eventually, I used the dell diagnostic tool to diagnose the system for another several hours and found one error code from the hard disk. I sent the error code to dell support and found that dell got a very slow response to enquires. I keep sending the error code for two more days and a phone call. At last (nearly a weeks), dell sent their service agent for appointment. The defective hard disk has been replaced but the problem still lie there. Dell service agent make their best to install the operating system twice but failed. They diagnose the system and the replacement hard disk with dell diagnostic tool provided and could not find any error or problem. They give up and ask me to contact dell support again. So, the next morning, I contact dell support and have a rude telephone conversation with socalled dell technician that I forgot whatever his name he introduces. He even insulted my knowledge of using a computer system. To my observe, he seem not capable of identify any problem from the message I read out to him while guiding me to diagnose the system. It was a lot of hopeless, worst than I ever imagined. At the end of the telephone conversation, he told me that some other dell technician will contact me again for another appointment but can I continue to trust dell ever again. It has been more than ten days since I bought my laptop and nothing has been solved. Even worst, when I open the sealed box right on the first day of receipt and took out the laptop I found a skru nail from the battery compartment which had not been tightened properly which let me to think what kind of quality check dell used to have. All in all, from product to technical support, dell may not be what dell claimed to be. Thereso, it is really a shame if I were to recommend dell to all my fellow subodinates and friends.

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my experience with the Dell Latitude 2100 has been the complete opposite. for a netbook, i am quite please with it. i bought it to use when i am "out and about". i have a Dell Studio 1537 also, but i wanted something lighter to carry around with me. i take my Latitude 2100 with me to the park, the library, restaurants and places with an active WI-FI connection. i understand it is not supposed to be a mini version of my laptop. i understand that it is mainly made for web surfing, email and other non intensive applications. when i am not traveling around with it, i have it hooked up to a 26" flat screen TV. i watch a lot of streaming internet. it is AWESOME for that. it is like watching regular TV but with content that i choose. this keeps my Studio 1537 free, for me to work on, while watching streamed movie, music or videos.

i hate to hear you had a bad experience with your computer. i would definitely recommend it and have, to all of my friends looking for a lighter and more portable alternative to a regular sized laptop.

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Manufacturer: Dell Inc; Model: Inspiron 1764
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium (6.1.7600); System Type: 64-bit operating system
Processor: Intel Core i5 CPU M430 @ 2.27Ghz; No. of Processors: 4
Memory: 4 GB Ram
Graphics: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD
Primary Monitor Resolution: 1600x900; Display: 17"
DirectX version: DirectX 11
Primary Hard Disk: 500 GB
Network Adapter: Dell Wireless 1520 Wireless-N WLAN Mini-Card

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Re: Latitude 2100

Can you tell me how much time you get out of a single battery and whether you have the 3 cell or 6 cell?

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