Latitude D505 - No Power

I have a used latitude D505 which will not power up at all - it was coming up with low battery indicator while plugged into ac adapter - lights would come on for 5 seconds then unit would shut down - now after removing battery and unplugging adapter and holding down power button for 30 seconds unit no longer comes on at all, battery , ac nothing. Any possible solutions - don't have a spare battery to check it with
Thanks for any help - jayalex
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Re: Latitude D505 - No Power

Hi I have just had same problem with dell latitude c600, i had low battery, just draining power indicator, i was able to move power supply connector cable and it would start to power battery, suddenly, then yesterday battery just went to 0% now i cant get machine to power up at all.
I dont know if it is battery, power supply light is on, but nothing.
If you get any answers please let me know
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