Latitude D600 - no power-up - keyboard lights blink


I have been looking on the internet and this message board all night for a solution to my problem, and have yet to come across a solution.

I own a Latitude D600 and when I press the power button, the power light shows on the system lights, and the three keyboard lights blink real fast for a few seconds and then everything turns off. I do not get a POST or BIOS. Nothing shows.

I have counted a few times the number of blinks for the lights to be from 20 to 25 I believe.

This had happened to me a week ago, and I thought the system was just overheated. It did start up again the first time I had this problem, after letting it sit some of the night without the power cord connected. But, now the computer is not turning on at all.

I first believed this to be a battery problem, but the battery status light indicator on the battery itself says that it is at full capacity. I have tried removing the battery and replacing with a spare, and also trying to run off AC power, but with no luck.

Pleas let me know what I can do. As of now, I believe this to be a possible motherboard problem from what I can tell (but I don't know), and my warranty should still be in effect.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Latitude D600 - no power-up - keyboard lights blink

Call Dell for a mainboard replacement.
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