Latitude D800 with M60_A09 BIOS

I replaced the motherboard of a D800 (under warranty) with a refurbished motherboard (from Dell).  The new motherboard has the Precision M60 BIOS revision A09 installed, but now the laptop won't work with the docking station (D/Dock).  Does the M60 BIOS not support the connection to a docking station, or is this a problem with the new motherboard?  If I need the D800 BIOS how do I flash it (I get an error that the hardware doesn't match)?
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Re: Latitude D800 with M60_A09 BIOS

Welcome to the Forum,

M60 and last year or so's production of D800's use the same MotherBoard.

The difference is that if you have "PC2700 RAM" (my D800 shipped from Dell with it)
it will only run at a slower "D800" speed of 266MHz on a D800 BIOS.

The M60_A09 BIOS is identical to the latest D800_A13 except that it allows your RAM
(only if it is PC2700) to operate at the faster "M60" speed of 333MHz. Dell had
shipped Corporate 'fleets' of D800's with M60 BIOS.

I force flashed my D800 to M60 to get the advantage of the faster RAM Speed and have
no problems with my Dock. Running a D800 with PC2100 RAM on M60 BIOS will cause no
problems, but that RAM will still only operate at its maximum of 266MHz.

Your MotherBoard should have shipped with a CD to Flash the RAM, but I would advise
against it due to the risk and no advantage running D800_A13 RAM, you should probably
use the utility on that CD to enter your Service Tag on that MotherBoard.

The DOS Command to Flash Your System to D800_A13 would be something like D800_A13 /forceit
but again I strongly recommend not doing it, if your Dock is not working, a Flash to A_13
will not fix that.

The identical same "Dock Firmware" is used for D800/M60 and if you compare BIOS Release
Notes, you will see that they are the same as well (different file numbers). Although
the major difference in D800/M60 is the Video Cards, M60 BIOS recognizes D800's Video Cards,
however you must use Video Drivers appropriate to your Video Card (and avoid "nVidia GeForce
FX Go5650, v., A05 with a Release Date: 08/16/2005" as it has problems).

You can click the Link in my sig to read more about the D800 to M60 BIOS switch.
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