Latitude E6520 fan always on


Just got new Latitude E6520 and fan seems to never shut off. Left side of laptop always hot even when computer is idle. I can hear fan being constantly on. Is it enough to raise support request or what do I do?



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Re: Latitude E6520 fan always on

What processor does it have? I opted for the top i7. The left side is pretty warm at idle and I can always hear the fan if I put my ear up to it. During intense processing, the side gets very hot and the fan does get louder. I don't think it's enough to call in a case, to be honest, these just run hotter. One thing you can do to make them run cooler is to enable nVidia "Optimus" in the bios. This switches video to the lower power intel GPU when you don't need the power of the nVidia GPU, that helps a bit with heat. Also, make sure the following are enabled, SpeedStep, TurboBoost, and Hyperthread Control in the bios. That's an advanced throttling and cpu management instituted by intel, and it's worth using. One thing I will note. With SpeedStep and Optimus enabled, I noticed laptop performed 15-20% worse in benchmarks, particularly with 3D. So the Optimus is a cool idea, but it does appear to have performance drawbacks. If you aren't a heavy graphics user you probably won't notice a difference.

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Re: Latitude E6520 fan always on

Good news! I just solved the fan problem. My laptop is E6520 with NVS4200 card. On windows 7 pro OS, no way to fall off the fan. But on Ubuntu 10.10, the fan could be turn off in laptop mode.

First, confirm the BIOS version is A08 and upper. Enter the BOIS setting, turn off Nvidia Optimus. Actually, the most heating are from unsolved Intel HD3000 GPU but not the Nvidia cores. This is not surprise me because the Intel have not released office linux drive until today.  To saving energy and reducing fan speed, I must chose Nvidia GPU.

1. Install the pre-installed Ubuntu 10.10 OS. It could be download from Dell web site. And install all Ubuntu drives from Dell web site, except 2D Intel GPU drive. Active Nvidia drive.

2. Add old Ubuntu source and update system.

3. Install wireless driver, for example, compat-wireless-2012-06-29.tar.bz2.

4. Install laptop mode tools. Reboot.

   Edit /etc/laptop-mode/laptop-mode.conf and change




Reboot again.

Now the fan spped will automatically reduce even turn off.

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