Latitude e6500


Dell Latitude E6500
Windows Vista Business 64bit

     Since the first day the laptop was unboxed, I've been getting Blue Screen of Death Errors (BSOD). At first I was lead to believe it was the Operating systems fault so I used the recovery disc that came from the manufacturer and formatted the laptop. After the operating system (Windows Vista Business 64bit) was installed I installed all the drivers from the CD but with no luck. The System kept getting blue screens and crashing randomly. I reinstalled the Operating System again with the same results. 

     With more than a dozen formats I noticed only a few blue screens a week, I would only get blue screen errors as the computer was turned on, but there was one thing that did bug me; my "W" key wasn’t working half the time. I called dell and got my keyboard replaced only a few days later, the technician was extremely quick as he examined the key and determined that it was faulty. 

     The BSOD errors kept occurring so I called dell tech support and they advised me to format my laptop so I did again. I formatted my laptop with the drivers, without the drivers, updated the BIOS, and still no luck. Then they told me to run some tests like mem test, symptom tree test, the dell technician also used remote assistant to run crash tests, and check for error logs. They told me it was the ram "for sure it’s the ram, because all the blue screen errors tell us it’s a memory issue".

     Within 2 business days a new pair of 4 GB DDR2 memory arrives at my door, I dissemble the bottom plate of my laptop revealing the ram slots, Insert the ram close the laptop up, and boot. Blue Screen, that’s the first thing I see (error 0x0000001A), I restart, blue screen again. I reseat the ram about 3 more times, each with the same results. I check safe mode, and the ram is detected, all 4 GB’s. 

     I call dell, telling them my story again and they tell me to run for tests. I run the symptom tree test and the memory test with errors popping up every 30 seconds. This would be the 4th time I would have to do these tests each time taking about 2 hours each time.

The system memory test had a repetition of;


                msg: ERROR CODE 2000-0123

                msg: Memory-integrity test failed

  The System Test did the same thing with Symptom tree. 

ERROR CODE 3600:011A

     As the test finished I called back and explained my situation to a different technician. She informed me that I was best replacing the whole motherboard because I haven’t had any luck with all the test's I was told to do. She stated that Dell should have replaced the laptop right from the start because it was blue screening so often.

     Ok the technician has arrived to fix my motherboard. After working on the laptop for over an hour he realizes the motherboard is the wrong board and writes me a note and dispatch number for reference. He assures me a new motherboard will arrive shortly after.

     Now a new technician comes a few days later to replace the motherboard. after spending a great deal of time he instructs me that the chassis has been damaged and that the laptop won’t even boot pass the BIOS. So he leaves assuring me that they will have to replace every part of the laptop. 

     Every time a repair happens, my laptop becomes more unusable. I’m left now with a $2,300 laptop that doesn’t even boot. I just wanted to know why they wouldn’t replace the whole laptop instead of replacing each part which no results. 

Any help on what I should do? I don’t even want this laptop anymore, the assistants at dells tech support were extremely considerate but I really dislike they way dell handles these cases. 



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