Manufacturing Mode

I have a Latitude CPx that boots in manufacturing mode. The screen prompts "Type FN X" to get out of manufacturing mode and return to normal operating mode. How do we turn manufacturing mode off so that boots in normal operating mode without the prompt?
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RE: Manufacturing Mode


You should be able to press Fn + X to return to normal mode on the system. You may also want to run diagnostics on the system to make sure that all the hardware is functioning properly and not causing for this mode to appear.

You can download a copy of the latest diagnostics for your system from the Dell File Library.

Go to http://support.dell.com
Choose your country if you have not done this yet
Enter your service tag or choose your system type
Click on Downloads for your Dell
Enter your Operating System and select the type of files that you wish to download or choose All at the bottom of the list.

Double-click on the file you downloaded to create a floppy diskette. Boot the system with the floppy disk still in the drive and the diagnostics will begin. You can choose all tests or select a specific test.

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Re: RE: Manufacturing Mode

I had exactly the same problem and found the solution quite by chance...the machine (Latitude CPx H500) would take quite a while before starting post, it would literally just sit there for about 3-4 miunutes then give me a prompt the hit CTRL-X to exit Manufacturing Mode.  No matter what I tried (including all the suggestions in the sorum), it made not difference.


Then I had an idea, maybe there was a problem with the power board.  I changed it and all my problems were solved.  The machine boots right up and gives no Manufacturing Mode message.


I have to admit, I'm not sure why the power board was causing this wierd behavior but for the $20 it cost me for a repacement board on eBay it was well worth the money!


Hope this helps others.  Feel free to email me at grahamdwison@comcast.net for further details and let me know if this helps.



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