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May need a new motherboard

Hey all,

I was told that I may need a new motherboard for my laptop. I'm scared of three major things: One, will I lose all of my pictures and videos? I've got most of them backed up but not all and I can't get the laptop to power up so I can get the rest. Two: if I won't lose my pictures due to it being on the hard drive, would it be better to get a new motherboard or just a new laptop since it's not under warranty.  Three: If it would be better to get a new laptop, how do I use the old harddrive to get the information off and onto the new laptop? Please let me know!

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Re: May need a new motherboard

The data on the hard drive should be fine.  If you need it, remove it, mount it in an external hard drive case, and attach it to a working system by USB.  Then copy the data you need to the working system's hard drive.

Whether the system is worth repairing depends on the model, age and cost of the repair.  If it's a low-end system from more than 2-3 years ago, it's probably better to replace than repair it.

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