Mirror Image on second monitor?

I can't figure out how to get a mirror image on my second monitor.  When I go through the Fn F8 options it just goes between laptop screen, other screen, or presentation mode which is an extended desktop.  I want it to be a mirror image on the second screen, not an extended desktop.  I'm using a precision M6300 with xp. 

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Re: Mirror Image on second monitor?

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Hopefully someone who's done it will read this thread, and offer advice accordingly.

In the meantime, maybe this article can offer you some useful advice:  Setting up Multiple Monitors?


You should also have a look at:  ATI 'HydraVision' +/or Nvidia 'nView' - depending on what graphics card is in your system?


I know of software which can do what you want though... but it's not free - unfortunately.

Probably the most famous of them is UltraMon.

But MaxiVista is also perfect for the job.

And finally (because it's the most expensive one) there's ExtraMon.


The only FREE program I know of... although it offers dual monitor support, is specifically/only for wallpapers - namely DisplayFusion.


And finally... the most expensive option - because it's hardware based:  A Matrox DualHead2Go.

There are two versions of it:  the older/cheaper standard product - which only supprts VGA, and the newer/more expensive 'Digital' product - which offers support for DVI.



Those should keep you going, until somebody more knowledgeable comes along

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Re: Mirror Image on second monitor?

I assume you don't mean mirror image, but you want to clone the laptop image on the external monitor. To do this, go to your video display Control Panel. There you should find a section that allows you to select clone or extended desktop.

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Re: Mirror Image on second monitor?

you would need to connect dual monitors in clone mode or use some 3rd party software such as MurGeeMon to get your primary monitor mirrored.

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