Monitor Brightness on Latitude D610

Hi Folks,  I am new member to this site so bear with me if I do something I shouldn't.   My brightness FN and arrow buttons

don't have any effect on my screen brightness.    I had not an issue with my 5 year old laptop, and recently installed

a Flight Simulator software.  I used the keyboard the first time thru since I did not have a joystick. 

 I may have hit keys I shouldn't have since I crashed anyways.  That very night my screen went out. 

 I had it replaced being told it the bulb was shot.  After screen replaced,  I realized the brightness would not go up or down,

and the keys  have no effect.   Sreen is useable but would be nice if I could brighten it up a little.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Monitor Brightness on Latitude D610

Who did the replacement?  It sounds like they might have used an incompatible LCD.


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