Monitor turns on and off at random times

Help!  The monitor on my  Latitude E6430 (which is literally 3-4 months old) will suddenly fade out for no reason. When I move the mouse, it will flicker on and then go out again and this can go on forever.  At first the laptop was on  a docking station that had a larger dell monitor connected to it (also brand new) and when it happened, I thought it might be the external monitor.   I replaced the external monitor  with another  one I had - happened again.  So, I unhooked the laptop  from the docking station and it was working ok for a day or two and then this morning it is happening again.  The only way to the get the screen back, it seems, is to push the on/off button and reboot (lost alot of work this morning).  I have window 7 if that matters.  Any help would be very much appreciated!  

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Re: Monitor turns on and off at random times

Hi Handbag,

Check if there is any change in behavior of LCD in the BIOS. To check in BIOS, restart the computer by tapping F2 at Dell logo. Post the results of LCD behavior in BIOS screen, I would tell you the next course of action.

Also, please check the screen resolution in safe mode with networking.

  1. Restart the computer.
  2. Keep tapping F8 on the Dell Logo Screen.
  3. Once the computer enters Advanced Boot Option, select Safe Mode with Networking.
  4. Press Enter.

Check the behavior of LCD screen in safe mode with networking and post the results.

Run the LCD BIST on the laptop to check if there is any problem with the LCD screen.

 To initiate LCD BIST:

  • Connect the AC adapter to your computer.
  • Hold the letter <D> on your keyboard and then turn on your computer.
    You will see four colors (grey, red, green, and blue) on the screen in a sequence.

If you see any colors on the screen the LCD screen is fine. If not the problem is with the LCD screen and LCD needs to be replaced.

Awaiting your response!

Thanks & Regards,
Nikhil D

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