Mouse on inspiron stopped working!

Hey, i'm wondering if anyone can help me, I got a insipron 1545 (I think) for my birthday last year july. A few times when i have started up my laptop the mouse has stopped working so i've restarted it and it fixed the problem. Last night it just suddenly stopped working! So i restarted the laptop..nothing, I am currently using my computer mouse and it's rather annoying! 

Is there anyway to fix this? Does anyone know how long a warranty is for and if this will cover it? Please help! I need this laptop for college and I can't be carrying a mouse with me everywhere I go.

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Re: Mouse on inspiron stopped working!


I want to make sure that I understand the problem.  That intermittently when you start up the notebook an external mouse that you are using won't work.  You have to restart the computer to get it to work.  Just recently the mouse doesn't work at all no matter if you restart the computer or not.

If I am correct, I have a few questions.  Have you tried plugging in your mouse in different ports on the notebook, does it work on any ports or is it only a specific port that it doesn't work with?   Have you tried your mouse on another computer just to make sure that it isn't defective?  I am taking the assumption that the mouse is USB, have you tried other USB devices and if so are they working correctly?

One thing I suggest is going into device manager, click start, right click on computer and choose properties, then click on the device manager link on the left. You can also just do a search for device manager. Look for Universal Serial Bus Controllers. You should have a number of Generic USB hub and USB root hubs listed. Double-click each one and click on the power management tab. Make sure that "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" is unchecked. Then connect the mouse and reboot. See if it starts working.

You may want to run diagnostics.  Here is the link on how to run them.  I suggest running custom tests and look for a USB or mouse test and see if the mouse works then.  If so then you know at least the hardware is fine and that there is a a software problem.


If the mouse works fine on other systems and you find that no USB devices work regardless on what port you try them on, and adjusting device manager doesn't help you may need to have to have the system board replaced.  In the same manner it looks like all your USB devices work alright except for one port then it will likely take replacing the system board to correct  the one port as well.

If you aren't using a USB mouse, then you are probably using some type of adapter to connect it via a USB port.  You may need to verify that adapter is still working correctly, or try a USB mouse and see if it is alright.

Please let us know what you found out.



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