My Touch Pad Mouse Is Going Crazy! Help Me

My mouse on my laptop has gone crazy, I have had this problem for a while but its starting to annoy me, anyway it seems to be when I start up my laptop and it goes to the log in screen and after my mouse starts going from corner to corner and when I put my finger on the touch pad it doesn’t stop, I have found that I have to put a mouse with a ps2 connector into my laptop to slow it down at least. Its even doing it as i type. But I still have the problem. Anyone know what it is and how to fix it?

Its a
Dell Latitude C510
Model - PP01L
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Re: My Touch Pad Mouse Is Going Crazy! Help Me

With the ALPS touchpad/stick combo and proper Driver, there is an option to turn off the stick.

Never had a Synaptics with a 'stick' but first 'fix' should be to first remove present driver,
then install a new driver.

(BTW if you installed a Driver for that ps2 mouse, it likely already removed your driver,
forcing your TouchPad to run on a Windows Generic driver.)

Synaptics Touchpad, Driver, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Multi Language, Multi System, v.7.9.3, A12
Release Date: 04/08/2004 {Click here} to link to your Dell Download website.

I have always had better features for TouchPad with Synaptics 'Generic' Driver (link below).
The Synaptics device driver Windows 2000/XP v8.1.2 5.25 MB zip

(notice that Dell's is version 7.x and Synaptics is version 8.x)

In the event that neither Driver will be able to "Disable" just the stick (my Synaptics has "Disable" TP)
or if the problem persists, others have reported that clipping Stick's cable, stops the "wild cursor".

Dell™ Latitude™ C610/C510 Service Manual

"...Keyboard Connector Removal

1. boss support (5)

2. track stick cable

This shows where you need to cut that track stick cable and insulate the stubs. (use "Liquid Electral Tape")

edit:- I should also mention that I have had that exact "Wild Cursor" symptom on both Synaptics and ALPS systems
only if I booted up the system while a GPS was on and connected to a USB (or 'serial' USB). This was the ONLY TIME
it ever happened and it was confusing the GPS for a USB Mouse and opening every application on the desktop
and even grabbed my taskbar and pulled it up past the middle of the screen. Only recovery from this was a
Hard Shutdown, (there was no user control of any application) and Boot Again (without USB connection).

A brand new Sony VAIO (Synaptics) did this just once and never booted againSmiley Sad They had to replace it.

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