N7110 touch pad

Touch pad is NOT running smoothly


Anyway to update or reinstall drivers, assuming this is a fix.  Any other fixes.  Fine tuning in control pannel did not help





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Re: N7110 touch pad


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- Reinstall Driver ; http://dell.to/GAxclu

- Update BIOS ; http://dell.to/GAzi9E

If this 2 will not work, you can reinstall Operating system. Or probably a Hardware problem. You can try to disassemble the palmrest (requires a certified technician) if you can ; check this manual link ; http://dell.to/GBijRH

Hope this helps,

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Re: N7110 touch pad


I have another kind of problem with my touchpad.

I did the test. It's ok. But why I can not turn off the touch pad? I have a Vostro 3750.
I can not write anything, because the cursor disappears. I do not need the touchpad. I use the mouse. Why the hot key does not work?

Thank you!

PS I Think I am in a wrong place, did I? I apologize if I posted wrong here.

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Re: N7110 touch pad

Your touch pad may be dirty, thin dropped oil or etc. may cause this problem, you can clean it with dry special cleaner spray (recommended) or alcohol with cotton cloth!

And if it do not work properly you can finally install windows 7, this OS contains very wide drivers and work very nice!

I hope this comment help you


This article describe problem

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