Need an authorized dell repair location

Couldn't find listings anywhere on the site.  Trying to get the screen fixed on my laptop and need a location in Northwest Indiana.  Any help would be great.

PS.  Sorry about my previous post (that was deleted) regarding my search capabilities.  It was mearly a play on the martial arts form that starts with Kung.  I didn't realize the last two letters in that term would violate the the policy.


Thanks again.

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Re: Need an authorized dell repair location

Dell doesn't use repair locations.


You have to call their support. If they determine what the problem is, they can either send someone out to your place to replace/fix the faulty hardware, or send you a box in which you can send in the unit (depends on your warranty type and what the nature of the issue is).


If you're out of warranty you have to pay for support and they can quote you a price on what the repairs would cost. If you are ok with the price you can pay for it on the spot (credit card usually (only?)) and then usually in a few days your laptop would be serviced (at your place).

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