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Not able to connect my XPS L502X laptop to TV (Toshiba) using HDMI Cable

Hi All,

I am trying to connect my recently brought laptop XPS L502X to my TV (Toshiba) using HDMI cable.

I am not getting anything on my TV. i.e nether picture nor any sound.

When I tried getting help on support site it says your product is out of warranty. Now my problem become 2 fold.

Appreciate any one can help me with the dell support email id for Malaysia and any resolution to this damn problem with my HDMI.

Looks doesn't damn care about customer service after selling it off on the site.....

Some body help !!!!


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Re: Not able to connect my XPS L502X laptop to TV (Toshiba) using HDMI Cable


I am sorry that you are having problems getting the TV to work with the notebook.

The first thing I would try to verify is if the TV or HDMI cables work on another notebook.  Try to verify if the problem follows the HDMI cable by trying it on another device or trying a new HDMI cable on the notebook.  Check to see if you can connect another notebook on the TV.  

Check with the manufacturer of the TV and verify that you have it configured correctly for a notebook using a HDMI connection.

On the notebook I certainly suggest that you have the most up to date video driver installed. You can find the correct video driver from the following page.


I hope that this helps


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Re: Not able to connect my XPS L502X laptop to TV (Toshiba) using HDMI Cable

The following worked for me on a XPS 15 L502X with NVIDIA GT425M card, latest drivers and 1366x768 display.

Before changing video settings on the XPS make the HDMI connection between your laptop and HDTV.  If your TV has multiple HDMI inputs be sure your TV is set to the correct one. After connecting the laptop the TV screen should be blank.  On your laptop, use the [ Fn ] [ F1 ] keys to bring up the projector window and select PROJECTOR ONLY.  The laptop will not display both screens at the same time so, the laptop's desktop should be displayed on the TV screen.   If you have the 1366x768 display some of the desktop icons may move from their original screen location.

If the TV image is cropped (left edge off the screen) you can use the NVIDIA Contol Panel to resize the horizontal and vertical resolution.  Right click on the desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel.  In NVIDIA Contol Panel's left task pane select DISPLAY then CHANGE RESOLUTION.  To the right In the change resolution window under item 1 the icon should be for your TV.  Selecting the resize item with the slider icon to its right opens a full screen template with horizontal and vertical sliders.  Move the sliders to resize the image to fit within the screen.  Once the tips of the green arrows are pointing to the corners of the screen you're done. Click OK and close the control panel.  If all goes well you should be able to enjoy your XPS 15 on your HDTV.

One more thing, I suggest before disconncting from the TV bring up the projector window and set to computer only.


Re: Not able to connect my XPS L502X laptop to TV (Toshiba) using HDMI Cable

Hi pleas halp my dell xps L502X can't connect tu my samsung tv  HDMI...

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Re: Not able to connect my XPS L502X laptop to TV (Toshiba) using HDMI Cable

Hi Giga10,

Sorry I'm late with this response.

Have you tried the procedure outlined in my previous response, connecting the cable between the TV and laptop then use the [FN]-[F1] keys? This would have opened the projector window.  Did you select projector only?  If so the laptop screen goes blank and the TV should have displayed the laptop's desktop.  What was your result?

You may want to consider trying the following:

1. There are the lastest video drivers on Dell's website for both NVIDIA and INTEL with the following release dates:

        NVIDIA: 6/13/2011 and 3/12/2012    INTEL: 4/21/2011

        If you haven't installled them you should.

2. If your TV has multiple HDMI inputs try them all.

3. Try a different cable to eliminate this as a possible cause. 

4. If still no success may want to ask a friend to let you try connecting to their TV just in case there is a compatibility issue.

It may be a L502X hardware problem.

Hope this helps...

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