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This new laptop from Dell is killing me! Now it would not display the mute, volume, and brightness icons on screen when I hit the buttons. How do I enable it or turn it on?

It used to work fine last night before this XPS 16 mysteriously froze from disk checking. Please help.


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Jim Coates

Re: On-screen display


The program that controls those features is Dell Quickset. Look on the taskbar and see if you have the Dell Quickset icon there. It's in the shape of a blue Q with a yellow tail sticking out of it. Click the icon and uncheck 'disable onscreen volume meter.' (On some versions you must right click it.)

If the icon is missing look under Start/All Programs and see if you have the Dell Quickset program. Follow the arrow to the word 'Quickset' and click on it and the 'Q' icon should appear on the taskbar.

If you don't have the Quickset program you can download it from your downloads page under 'Applications'.

Quickset's main function is to start the power management wizard; however, clicking the icon lets you enable or disable the Fn keys for volume and screen brightness, and it is necessary for Media Direct to function.

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