Onboard Soundcard...

My external speakers have been shorting out all of a sudden and sometimes they would work sometimes not. If I gave the laptop just a little smack they would comeback on. It was really weird. Then it was only headphones would work and they got iffy too. Now sound no longer works with external or internal. I know its not drivers or anything like that. It is the actual onboard sound card. I opened it up to see if I could see a short or anything and there wasn't. I dont know whether to send it into dell to get it fixed or just buy a PCMCIA audio card. Anyone else have problems like this or suggestions on what to do? if so please feel free to email me at aalonakam@yahoo.com Thank you
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Jim Coates

Re: Onboard Soundcard...

This is almost certainly a bad headphone/output jack. You didn't give your model so I can't be specific, but the bottom line is that if you are under warranty get Dell to fix.


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