Only 1 headphone jack works at a time


I have a Dell XPS 1530 and it comes with 2 headphone jacks. At first, when I purchased the laptop, both headphone jacks would work at the same time. However, after my computer had an issue and I was forced to re-install the OS, only one headphone jack would work at a time even though both are plugged into headphones. Do you know if there's a driver I have to install. If so, what is it? Or am I just missing something? Thank you very much. 

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Jim Coates

Re: Only 1 headphone jack works at a time

If you have not yet installed the Sigmatel audio driver, do so. Go to the drivers & downloads home page and follow the links to the XPS 1530 downloads page or enter your service tag number. The Sigmatel driver is in the Audio category.

Before installing it, see section 7 of the Audio Driver FAQ for how to install the driver after re-installing the OS.

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