Power Button Problems - Dell Studio 1537


Am interested if anyone could help me with a power button problem.

Background - Purchased a Dell Studion 1537 a little over two years ago.  The day after the warranty expired (go figure!), a key broke.  Shorlty thereafter, I replaced the ion battery.  Upon putting in new battery, I discovered the power button is stuck in the "on" or "in" position.  You do not hear the "click" or feel the button push in.  I would be interested in hearing if this is a common problem. Is there an easy fix?  Is this something that can be handled at a computer tech store with little probelm and more importantly little expense.

Am quite disappointed in the fact that if the power button was used on average of once a day, it would have been used approximately 1000 times and it is already wore out?  Not good quality if you ask me.

For those experiencing similar problems, I have found that you can push the button on the left hinge twice, then hit the multi-media button at the top of the keyboard to power it up.  My only concern is, how long before this button wears out? 

Any help would be appreciated!



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Re: Power Button Problems - Dell Studio 1537

Hi Bummedwithstudio,

Welcome to the Community. It looks like you will need to have the Hinge Cover replaced. The Hinge Cover is connected to the Zif Connector on the Multimedia board cable, which is probably causing this issue. Please contact Dell's Out of Warranty support in your region to have this replaced.

Thank you