Problems with Dell Webcam Central

While using my webcam to ichat with with someone, the video session suddenly ended and when i clicked on the webcam again ..a message appeared saying to plug in a working device ..the webcam would not work so i restarted my computer ..and when i did .. the Dell Webcam Central Program was no longer in my computer ..the software is just gone. Ive tried to re-install the software but i dont know how ..ive tried just re-downloading the software as well but i get this message everytime

"Setup could not detect any Dell Webcam Central on your system.

Please ensure that your Dell Webcam Central is properly installed before running this setup program."


..so how exactly do i go about reinstalling the program which will allow me to use my webcam again?


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Jim Coates

Re: Problems with Dell Webcam Central


Take a look at "What is the Integrated Webcam and Digital Array Microphone". At the bottom of that page there is a link to a troubleshooting wizard named "Problem with the Integrated Web Camers" Wizard ID 297119. You will be asked to submit the model name of your computer and its operating system, then you can select the type of problem you are having. This wizard is a good place to start diagnosing your problem and it will walk you through all of the steps to configure the camera. It will show you how to run the Dell Diagnostics tests on the webcam to find out if the hardware has failed and where to get help if it has. It has the details of the several pieces of software to reinstall if the hardware is okay.

PS whenever you start a new thread about a problem you should mention the model name of your computer and its operating system.

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