Replacing the wireless card on Inspiron 6400/E1505

Hi all,

I believe my intel PRO wireless card has died (shows up as not-working in the device manager, and if I boot into an Ubuntu Live CD it is not listed), and would like to replace it (or see if there's a loose cable). My question is: where is it? I'm assuming under the C/M lid, but I can't get those screws off. Is there any trick to it? One of them I can't budge, and the other seems to fall down a notch everytime I turn it. Smiley Sad

I would greatly appreciate all help.

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Re: Replacing the wireless card on Inspiron 6400/E1505

Looks like you go in through the keyboard.  Take a look here, and be sure to check each of the "prepare" links in order:

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

The first thing to try would be to remove the wireless card and re-install the same one to reseat the connections, then put it together and try it.  If that fails, replacement cards are cheap enough and the task is even easier the second time.



Not sure what you mean by C/M lid?  If you mean the Display Assembly, I recommend try everything else first.  The parts of the antenna inside the display almost never fail and are the most difficult in the wireless chain to get at. 

The display and lid itself requires you do the above first, and disconnect the graphics cable, then it comes off easy enough by the instructions.   Taking the display case apart is something that should be planned around time and patience.  Get a little rubber cement to replace the cover-ups on the screws. It's as permanent as the original and still comes off again if you ever need to re-open it.

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