Restore to factory install on Dell Inspiron 1545

We purchased an Inspiron 1545 in 2008.  Has run good with no problems.  However my wife dropped it and crashed the hard drive.  I swapped a new drive with Windows 7 - 64 bit already on it from my old Gateway laptop but I can't restore her system to original factory settings.  I have been all over Dell's site and the Data Safe Local 2.0 (DSL) software reports back that the Recovery Partition (factory image) cannot be found.  We were never given the driver/application or the Windows 7 OS disks when we bought it new.  How do I get the original drivers, apps, and OS that were factory installed?

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Re: Restore to factory install on Dell Inspiron 1545

The recover partition is on the hard drive. Since you swapped in a "new" hard drive, how are you expecting this to work?


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