SATA Driver for Latitude D620?

I'm trying to rebuild a friend's Latitude D620, his original drive failed.  I'm using a retail version of XP that he bought, but it doesn't see his new drive.  Do I need a driver to load before the installation (I have a USB floppy drive to do this) or is there a setting in BIOS that will let XP see the SATA drive without a driver?

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Re: SATA Driver for Latitude D620?

Does the new hard drive show up in the bios at all? If it's not showing up there, it could be an issue with the new drive or the actual hard drive controller. If it does show up in the bios I'm not certain what it is as XP has built-in drivers that work fine, though I would definetly install the latest Intel chipset drivers post OS install.

Re: SATA Driver for Latitude D620?

A new drive will need to be partitioned and formatted.

Use a drive wire to format the drive.


Hard Drive  

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APRICORN DriveWire IDE/PATA/SATA to USB Hard Drive Adapter ...



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