ST1747: 7x Bios beeps - Core i7 throttling - too less A/C adapter

more and more ST1747 users reports about reducted clock rates of their Intel Core i7, if similary their graphics adapter (ATI HD4650) is under heavy load! But the worse is yet to come, some Core i7 quits working, 7x Bios Beep, Game over, sudden death of the CPU!

Update: the 7x Beep issue seems to be fixed since Bios A06!

if you have more suggestions for this list, don´t hasitate to inform/contact me!

►Core i7 Throttling
under simultaneous full load of CPU and GPU, Core i7 CPU throttles down to averaged 4x 1100 - 1400 MHz

►Performance between battery and AC power
most Studios runs with a bit more performance if only battery is connected

►Hot 90 watt a/c adapters
under fully load, the serially 90 watt adapter seems to work at/above its performance limit - temperatures over 70°C are not acceptable
 call your local Dell support for a free 130 watt adapter.

►Problems resuming from sleep and/or hibernate
if the 1747 "sleeps" more than 30-60 minutes it´s possible that it don´t resume anymore but turn it off&on "hard" by holding power-button

►Problems with playing FullHD-Streams
freezing/jerking, max. loaded and almost non-responding Studios if playing a FullHD-stream, e.g. Youtube
 possible solution, please look here. New Dell ATI driver in progress.

►Permanent running fan
fan starts causeless running at increased speed shortly after turning the 1747 on. Fan keeps blowing at increased speed, even if Windows boots all over and CPU idles - because of the still-blowing fan only at ~32° C. You can stop the fan only with a reboot or by stressing CPU - if temperature reaches 48°+C, fan slows down to lowest level. Turn off stress test, temperature drops below 48°C, fan turns off then. Confirmed by several users. 4 new users reported me this curious issue in the last few days!

►Too less temperature range for fan
fan needs an extended temperature range in office mode. At the moment fan turns on at ~53°C and off at ~48°C. That causes the fan to start&stop every 10-15 seconds, very bothering

►Cutted sound
If the IDT sound "idles" for a while and you play then any sound, the first ~0.5 seconds are cutted! This happens only one time, following sounds are played correctly! If you stop and wait a few minutes, the next sound after this idle time is cutted again

►Not enough power to USB ports and Firewire
There are pages upon pages of various users all experiencing the same issues.

take also a l@@k at German Studio 1747 FAQ @ Hardware Luxx forum | sorry for my rookie englisch! ^^

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Re: ST1747: dead Core i7's - 7x Bios Beep - MHz trips - too less A/C adapter?

100% agreed. I am not sure what to do when my 1747 arrives. I am not willing to wait using it cause of unknown issues.


Re: ST1747: dead Core i7's - 7x Bios Beep - MHz trips - too less A/C adapter?

I´m a german customer too waiting for my 1747 to arrive these days. And yes there are many cases in german and also english forums where brand new 1747´s core i7 cpu´s are going dead out of sudden (7x beep). Also there is the exact same problem with that less powered A/C Adapter (90W) which is already a known problem for Dell with their studio 16 xps laptops.

Come on Dell didn´t you learn a lesson from the studio 16 xps A/C adapter issues ?

For me I hope Dell support will send me a 130W A/C Adaptor for free (I will call for that as soon my 1747 arrives) and that my new laptop will surrvive the 1st week, otherwise I will send it right away back to sender.

Don´t understand how Dell is willing of loosing that much money with changing broken CPU´s and Mainboards or having frustrated customers sending their laptops back instead of packing it with a 130W A/C right away ?


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Re: ST1747: dead Core i7's - 7x Bios Beep - MHz trips - too less A/C adapter?

Fully agree 100% as well.

Futhermore i just read some posts in the obove mentioned german forums.
It was mentioned that Dell support technicians warned 1747 customer to not us the system with the provided 90W power supply at all.

@Dell: it's time for an official statement or at least warning! Just image you get your machine in just in time for X-Mas but the i7 fries before it's new years eve.

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Re: ST1747: dead Core i7's - 7x Bios Beep - MHz trips - too less A/C adapter?


on wednesday I received my Studio 17 i7. After unpacking I turned it on and checked out Windows 7 Pro. Yesterday - thursday - I came home from work and started my Studio 17 the second time. Display stayed black, Mediabuttons flashed and .. .. beep beep beep beep beep beep beep => 7x beeps! => checked the manual => CPU defect, contact the support.

My Studio 17 survived about 3 hours! Then the cpu died.

Of course I googled this problem and found a 80-page-thread in a german forum. Obviously it wasn't the only 1747 with a dying core i7.

Even in these 3 hours of operation I discovered a few more problems with this notebook:

1) It gets hot, really hot. The touchpad gets hot, the left side of the keyboard gets hot, the bottom gets hot. No way using this laptop on your "lap".

2) The webcam. I'm no real webcam-user but I started the webcam-app just to have a look. I didn't see my face, only my hair. In order to "move me in position" I had to watch the display from a higher angle. It wouldn't be a problem if you still could see anything on the display. So you have 2 choices when you vidphone with other people: Let them see you while you can't see them or vice versa. And that's the webcam that delayed the delivery of this notebook? It's the webcam "we all waited for"? Yippie!!

3) The keyboard isn't very solid. Press a button and you press down the whole keyboard. While typing, the keyboards wobbles like "nix on earth" (hehe, some Germanglish ^^). The keys themselves are great though.

4) The CD/DVD-drive seems to check for a disc every few minutes. Just some *crink* *crank* noise - no disc there - and then silence again.

5) No HDD-activity-LED. And as far as I remember (me@work right now) no WLAN-LED either.

6) A "Core2Solo" sticker instead of the "Core i7" sticker. No real problem, but it demonstrates how proper Dell checks the quality of their products.

7) While the notebook idles around the cooler starts and stops every 30 sec. It's not that loud, but when the notebook doesn't do anything, it shouldn't be necessary for the cooler to run every now and then.....


I will return the notebook as soon as possible. No repair, no nothing. Just give me my money back and that's it. Now I know why the Studio 17 is so cheap... Thanks for the great christmas present....

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Re: ST1747: dead Core i7's - 7x Bios Beep - MHz trips - too less A/C adapter?

Hi Dell,

I agree with the posts before. The Problems of the xps 16 Studios with i7 are the same like the problems with the Studio 1747 with i7 here in germany.

I changed from HP to Dell, because of the bad support from HP. I hope that Dell is much better then the HP Support.

So please find a fast solution.

regards, diverchriss

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Re: ST1747: dead Core i7's - 7x Bios Beep - MHz trips - too less A/C adapter?

I've got the same problem. My new Studio 1747 with i7 CPU delivered on friday 18.12. died today. last night i watch a hd video, today i want to start my laptop...nothing happens except the 7 peeps. On monday I'll contact the support hotline and I hope, their will solve the prob soon

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Re: ST1747: dead Core i7's - 7x Bios Beep - MHz trips - too less A/C adapter?

Dell say not use the system with the provided 90W power supply? When? Where?

Dell have to do an official declaration about the problem. At who they are waiting?

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Re: ST1747: dead Core i7's - 7x Bios Beep - MHz trips - too less A/C adapter?

I got my Studio 17 on Thursday and it died with 7 beeps on Friday.  Wasn't doing anything either.  Just needed to leave house so shut lid (didn't shutdown) and left.  Came back later and bottom of laptop was hot, powered it on and got 7 beeps.

Not having much luck with Dell tech support, they are not very clued up.  Waiting for someone to ring me back to arrange a replacement, though now thinking of getting a refund instead looking at all the reports of this problem.

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Re: ST1747: dead Core i7's - 7x Bios Beep - MHz trips - too less A/C adapter?

Hi i'm waiting for a studio1747 with i7-720. I hope in a fix of this problems

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