Screen is messed up/stripes/blur,etc

My laptop (Inspiron B120) is about two or three years old. The other day I worked from home and had the the laptop on most the day until the screen sort of flickered and then went blurry but gradiently so the top of the screen is clearer wile the bottom is very blurry.

At one point I could even see horizontal gray lines but then other day I sort of press or tap the top and something seemed to click into place and the screen looked fine.
Today, I was online again for several consecutive hours when the screen went blurry again. I tried applying pressure in different places and discovered that when I press the top of the laptop screen tight the screen looks fine but once I let go it goes back to blurry.

I then atempted to open up the top and see if anything was loose but to no avail. Now, it's evn worse I have to hold the top tightly
 to see the screen.


Is this something I can fix myself or can pay someone to fix cheaply?

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Re: Screen is messed up/stripes/blur,etc

See if the fault replicates itself on an external monitor - if it does, the video chip on the mainboard is likely going bad;  replacing a mainboard in a cheap model this old doesn't make sense - buy a new notebook.

If the fault doesn't show externally, try reseating the cable that runs between the mainboard and video display panel.  If that doesn't solve the problem, you're in for a screen repair or replacement - a used panel may make for an economical repair, but as with the cost of a mainboard, if you have to replace with a new panel, you are probably better off buying a new system.


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