Shutdown vs Sleep (Standby)

I'm a rookie when it comes to laptops so forgive me if this is a stupid question. I recently purchased a Dell Studio 15 and wanted to know if it is OK to leave my laptop on sleep mode every night instead of shutting it down every night. Also, is it OK to leave the laptop plugged in to the AC adapter even when the battery is fully charged? Appreciate your help.

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Mary G

Re: Shutdown vs Sleep (Standby)

You should research this since Windows 7 power options are different. Start HERE.  Also look up Power Options in windows 7 Help for more info.

You can either turn the computer off overnight or use Hibernate because that turns the computer off and doesn't use battery power. Hibernate remembers what windows were open and restores them when you wake it. Use Sleep when you will be away from the computer for short periods. To wake the computer that's Hibernating (or sleeping for a longer time that a simple key press doesn't wake it) you have to press the power button briefly.


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