Sound Distorted and sound like under water

I have a 8600 I was on a chat program called teamspeak basically voice over ip.... anyhow everything was working fine then the sound started to distort and the person talkin to me sound as if they were underwater... I tried unistalling and re-installing sound card and nothing seems to be working... Everything sounds the same (Windows sounds, Mp3's, DVD's Etc, Etc) What could be the issue here?
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Re: Sound Distorted and sound like under water

The first thing that comes to mind when i hear your description of the problem is a contacts issue. if your using an external mic, check to make sure it's plugged in all the way into the jack. if it is, your problem could be inside the 'puter (i.e. you put something on top of the cable while it was in the jack and it bent the little tounge that holds the tip of the insert in place. Same would go for external speakers as well. if you still get garbage with the laptop speakers none of what i just said would apply and any aneurysms that i may have aggravated can be avoided
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