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Spilled a little milk on the keyboard - Is there hope?!

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Well.. Dell can't help me because it's an accidental damage and I don't have the warrenty for it (I do have the regular one though).
Perhaps someone can give me some advice since Dell phone people refused to.

My hand knocked over what little was left of my glass of milk and spilled some on the keyboard of my Dell XPS laptop. I didn't think it was a big deal, I'd done that before and nothing had happened.

Yeah.. I was wrong. My computer freaked out and shut itself off. I turned it upside down so the milk would drip out, and it turned back on within seconds.

When I flipped it back over, it still hadn't gotten to the loading screen. I was impatient so I turned it off. The lights on the side and in the very front displaying the internet and wireless things didn't go out. After some time the ones on the side did, and a light came on on the power button like when it is sleeping. I can't turn it on, though. The light turned off again. It's having seizures with the lights on the top near the power button if I hold the computer up, they flash for a quick second.

Is there some sort of measures I can take to save my computer? Should I let it sit, or grab a hairdryer or something?

I have important documents on my harddrive that decide if I pass or fail my english class, and I hadn't gotten to saving them elsewhere. I also have the whole adobe package (flash, photoshop, etc) installed on there, and now I am without the CD.


I was having issues with my computer before.. I wasn't able to access the bar at the top on my vista OP that could bring me to my webcame, trash bin, etc. My speakers also didn't work. Only the signing in sound for skype could be heard, otherwise I could only hear things if I plugged headphones in.

Thank you to anyone who can help.

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Re: Spilled a little milk on the keyboard - Is there hope?!

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It is likely the mainboard (at minimum) is toast - but remove the keyboard and clean up anything spilled under it.  When it's dry , try booting again - if the system won't, the mainboard is history and the repair will not be inexpensive.