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I have a two-month-old Inspiron 1545 that runs Vista.  Recently (in the past three weeks or so) when I stream video from either Netflix or YouTube the video skips, sometimes several times a minute.  The audio is never interrupted, and I do not have the problem when I watch a DVD.  I don't believe this is a Netflix or an Internet issue, as the other laptop in the house is able to watch video without a problem and I didn't have this problem on my previous laptop.  As I said, this is a fairly new computer, so I haven't fiddled with any setting or loaded many programs onto it  that could be causing trouble.  The computer itself runs fine for everything else.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks!

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Re: Streaming Video Skips

Since the skipping just started, it's probably related to download speed or other programs utilizing too much CPU time. You should check your download speeds on the laptop using any available program; Broadband Speed and Diagnostics is an add-on for Firefox. Also try other browsers.

You should also check what programs are running using the Process tab in Task manager. Add the CPU Time Column so you can track usage. It's easier to use than just the CPU instant usage column.

You could also check the CPU usage section of Power Options to make sure the CPU is running at full speed and not allowed to throttle down.

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