Studio 1555 problems!

This FAX has been sent to Dell several times with no response!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dear Sirs:

I have been a Dell customer and used Dell computers for about 25 years.  I have a Dell desktop and 2 Dell laptop PCs plus an older Dell Latitude C540.  One of the laptops is an Inspiron 1525 that I have had absolutely no problems with.  The upgrade from VISTA to WIN 7 was quick and no trouble at all.  I use this laptop daily and have for several years.  The newest Dell is a Studio 1555 laptop that has had a lot of problems and in fact if I could trade it for another Inspiron I would do so gladly.  These are the problems that I have/had with the 1555:

1.    Defective keyboard which I replaced.

2.    The display screen has become permanently marked in the middle of the screen by coming into contact with the keyboard when in the closed position because the rubber bumpers/stoppers that are mounted into each side of the plastic bezel have fallen off and/or deteriorated where they do not hold the screen off the keyboard.  This problem was called into Dell while the 1555 was still in warranty.  The plastic display screen seems to me to be flimsy and flexes too easily.

3.    The plastic left side hinge has cracked and the plastic cap has come loose where I have had to use electrical tape to “bandage” hold it together.

4.    The AC power adapter cable has broken at the blue LED that indicates that power is being supplied via the AC adapter.  Again I had to use electrical tape to “bandage” this problem, Dell is in the process of shipping a new AC adapter however the Dell supported hardware forum has several posts where folks have this same problem.  Reference this site:


The problems with this Studio 1555 are NOT the quality that I have been accustomed to with Dell over the years BUT I can assure you that I will look long and hard before selecting another Dell product.  I also want to add that the Studio 1555 upgrade to WIN 7, 64 bit was a snap as was the addition of Microsoft Office 2010.  I also upgraded the RAM to 8Meg.

Thanks for all of your time and consideration.

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